Mold Building

Precision Parts and Quality Production at Scale

At PDM, we have the experience and expertise to navigate the complex landscape of part design and mold building for injection molding. We provide comprehensive design for manufacturing & CAD / FEA model analysis with every project. We’ll review your part designs to identify features that may cause issues during production—and help you adjust them for optimal manufacturability.

Mold Building Considerations

  • Domestic and off-shore tool building options
  • Build to SPI Industry standards, using specified steels & US spec componentry.
  • Full range of offerings, basic prototype to high volume class 101 level tooling.

Full Service Support for Manufacturing Success

PDM offers consulting, design and manufacturing tools that lead to success for your project. To learn more,

Design – SolidWorks CAD

Mold Filling Analysis

Warp / Sink / Part Risk Analysis

DFM Team Approach Process

Program Management System

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