PDM is an international company with facilities in N.W. USA, Juarez Mexico and Shenzhan China.  Our equipment is state-of-the-art and ranges from 50-1400 ton with a full compliment of secondary operations including pad printing, riveting and sonic welding.

Our team has over 100 years of successful experience working in the injection molding field. From DFM, to material specification, tooling and lean operations, our group has it covered. We have global strategic alliances with material suppliers, logistics firms,  and a full network of component suppliers / sub-contractors to effectively service our customers.

Operating Model

Our factories operate 5-7 days per week, 24 hrs per day providing a wide range of:

  • Plastic injection molding, over molding, insert molding, chrome plating/ metalizing, decorating, pad printing and sonic welding
  • Design assistance – DFM / FEA, mold filling / warp / sink analysis
  • Prototype – 3D printing through low volume tooling
  • Bridge tooling – early production ramp up tooling options
  • Production tooling – class 103 to class 101 high volume mold building
  • Retail packaging & fulfillment center direct shipping support
  • Turn-key manufacturing programs – full program development and sourcing
  • In-house tooling repair and maintenance
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