Precision Parts and Quality Production at Scale

At PDM, our finishing services include fastening together the components crafted from our high-quality molds and applying labels to packaged parts. We take pride in ensuring that each step of the production chain is held to the highests standards in the industry.

Hot Stamping

Durable colorization to highlight raised part features / logos.

Pad Printing

Highly detailed paint application, lettering, artwork, etc. on most any surface.

Insert & Over Molding

Mechanical encapsulation of items place within tool during molding process.


Mechanical fastening of multiple components.

Sonic Welding

Localized remelting of plastic to stake / swage / seal items together

Hot Plate Welding

Thermally reheating surfaces to join components together.

Full Service Support for Manufacturing Success

PDM offers consulting, design and manufacturing tools that lead to success for your project. To learn more,

Design – SolidWorks CAD

Mold Filling Analysis

Warp / Sink / Part Risk Analysis

DFM Team Approach Process

Program Management System

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